Getting Started

The first thing is to get our minds focused, so we recommend starting on developing the mind. So we suggest starting with the mindset tab. But if you’ve been in business for some time and just need to grow. Start with the money or marketing tabs. If you have not had a chance to fill out the DS University Student Inventory, take a moment to fill it out now. That will help us as we help you with things like social media and any materials we will mail out to you.

We suggest you spend at least one hour a day in the portal learning and applying what you learn to your business. This is building the basis for the #1 thing we as entrepreneurs get wrong and that is being consistent. It also helps you for the habit of discipline.


Develop The Right Mindset To Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur


I'm making money, have a money mind or I want multiple streams of income.


I'm ready to grow my business, brand and money and freedom.

Equipped to Succeed

We are providing you with the tools and resources you need to educate yourself in all areas of business .